Award-winning restaurants in Västmanland

White Guide is a restaurant guide that tries close to 800 restaurants every year, presenting them in book form, on their website, and in their app. Below are some of the restaurants in the Province of Västmanland that made the White Guide:


Saluhallen Slakteriet
At the food market hall in Saluhallen Slakteriet you can find a number of small shops with a strong focus on locally produced foods as well as a selection of international products. The building was a butchery in the 1930s. Today you can enjoy food from different themed restaurants or buy ingredients like meat, cheese and vegetables to bring home.


Färna Manor & SPA
Natural raw ingredients form the basis for their cooking, complemented by fresh produce from local farmers, the surrounding forests, and their own kitchen garden. Read more here!


Nya Hattfabriken
At Nya Hattfabriken, all focus is on Swedish cuisine, served in a setting inspired by the French bistro as well as the American diner. 


Kajplats 9
Kajplats 9 uses water and its treasures as the main theme in their cooking.


Limone Ristorante
Italiano Limone Ristorante breathes Italy and boasts an organic wine menu.



Locavore serves delicious food, cocktails and selected snacks, and in short, a whole new food concept is presented here.


Pråmen Restaurant
This restaurant is situated on a barge docket at the harbour in Västerås. As a guest you will be well looked after and the cuisine is influenced by the proximity to water. This is a restaurant with high standards regarding food, beverages and hospitality.


Their gimmick is called Frank Rules. Guests choose meat, fish, or vegetarian as their main course and are blindly served a four-course menu. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy this culinary adventure.