Eight things you didn't know about moose

1. Moose enjoy single life! They usually only come together for mating. Around mating season the bulls may also meet up for battle. May the best Moose win! The calves stay with their mother for a year.

A closeup of a moose looking into the camera


2. There are as many Moose in Swedish forests as people in the city of Västerås! It’s estimated that there are 300 000 to 400 000 Moose in Sweden in summer. About 100 000 of them are killed in autumn, and the same number is born each spring, keeping the summer population rather stable.

A man is kissing a moose with big antlers


3. Moose grow fast! A calf weigh 8-15 kg at birth and puts on 1,5 kg per day(!) for the first few months. A fully grown bull weigh between 380-850 kg.

Two moose calves on a field


4. You couldn’t outrun a Moose! A Moose can trot at a speed of 30 km/h and run shorter distances at 60 km/h.

Two moose are walking over a field at dusk


5. Moose shed their antlers every year! Only bulls have antlers and they shed them every winter. They grow back in spring and can grow over 2 cm per day. Male calves start developing small knobs in the first year. In their second year they grow antlers.Large moose antlers on a rock by a lake sorrounded by forest


6. Humans are the enemy! Most Swedish Moose live about 10 years. They can actually live to about 25 years but the yearly Moose Hunt and car accidents means few survive that long.

A moose in darkness


7. Moose can swim! Moose are actually really good swimmers and can often take a shortcut across one of Sweden’s 100 000 lakes. One Moose even swam from Sweden to Denmark once!

A lake and a blue summer sky with white clouds


8. Moose and Elk are the same thing (sometimes…) In Swedish Moose are called “Älg”. The scientific name for this animal is Alces alces. In North American English this translates to Moose. But in British English it’s called Elk. In North America however, an Elk is a deer also referred to as Wapiti. Confusing stuff…